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About Us

Vegetables harvested the previous day are at our racks the very next day. The vegetables and Fruits are washed, graded cleaned and cut to  every need of a kitchen menus.

We mostly purchase vegetables and greens from samll farmers and family run farms, whereever possible. We pay them the best price so that there are no middle man profiting.

We go to great lengths to make sure our vegetables are sourced from the farms that practice ethical agriculture.

We ensure the farm produces are not artificially ripened or treated.

We also encourage  agriculture by giving the farmers technical know-how by eminent agriculturists.

We make sure the farms do not employee child labour.

We sell fresh vegetables, greens,  Indian fruits, Imported Fruits, Cut vegetables, cut Fruits, Fruit Baskets, Fruit salads,  Vegetable Salads, home made curd, branded fresh milk,  mushrooms, sprouts etc.,

We also sell branded and home made masalas, vadams, vatarals, papadams, branded Ice creams(Home Packs), branded soft drinks.

We sell all our products at exact weight and reasonable price.